London is a huge, multicultural, noisy metropolis that will challenge everything you thought you knew about the Brits. Whether you’re interested in music, clubbing, eating out, theater, the arts, history or sports, London has it all. From the legendary King’s Road through the bustle of street markets such as Brick Lane and Portobello, to the world-famous Harrods, there is shopping to suit every style and taste. London is also world financial and commercial center, and for business, politics, media and public life, this is the center of the UK.

Living in London

London is more like a patchwork of neighborhoods, so it’s an easy city to settle into and get to know despite its size and vibrancy. Getting around is also easy thanks to an extensive public transportation system including red double-decker buses and “the tube.”

If a “big city” environment doesn’t sound like your thing, don’t worry. There are many spacious parks and quiet squares in its center and wide open spaces on its outskirts.


Students take classes in English and are placed in professional work environments where they are required to speak, read, and write in the language. Non-native speakers must have a B2 skill level or higher on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).


We have some of the best student housing in London. A typical example is Hampden House, which is very centrally located on Weymouth Street, London W1, just north of Oxford Circus. All of the apartments that we use are near theatres, shops and art galleries in one of the best areas in London. Students share flats with other EPA students. The flats normally house 4-8 people with most students sharing a bedroom. They have a kitchen, living room, and several bathrooms. Photos of typical flats can be found at:

Contact with Local Students

EPA students are able to make use of the full campus facilities at the University of Westminster. In addition, they can get to know their classmates by participating in  activities arranged for international students – or by joining one of the many student societies and clubs. The Education Abroad office at the University of Westminster is great at helping students make these connections.

Special Scholarships

AASAP/UK offers the Lord Acton Memorial Scholarship for study abroad students coming to the UK. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide a deserving study abroad student with financial support to pursue academic study in the United Kingdom. Check here for details: Other funding resources can be found at


You must have a passport valid for the duration of your stay abroad.

To apply, go to the County Clerk’s Office in your area.
Call ahead to find out if there are any regulations or fees specific to your area.
The processing of a passport application can take 12 weeks or more. If you don’t already have one, apply now!


A visa is official permission, granted by the authorities of a country where you will study or visit, which allows you to enter and remain in that country for period of time. To study in the UK and take on an internship, participants will need to obtain a UK Tier 4 Visa. This visa cannot be applied for until 90 days before the start of the program. For more information visit:

Apply Today

Educational Programmers Abroad has undergone a review for educational oversight by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

Internships and Classes in London


The main orientation for all students takes place during the first few days the program. Orientation includes informational, cultural, and social activities to acquaint students with each other and with life and business culture in London. All aspects of the program are covered in detail during these meetings. In addition, students will attend orientation sessions at the University of Westminster as well. Internships and classes begin after orientation.


(Unpaid, Academic Work-Placements)

EPA has developed a strong network of placements across many industries. Since the 1970s we have provided internship placements for our students initiating their professional life for a better future. All students work at their internships for 20 hours per week. EPA is proud to be among the first providers of internships with Members of the House of Commons, and we also offer placements with cultural, theatrical, business and health organizations. We are always expanding our offerings, and we pride ourselves on our personalized approach.

Semester Classes

In London students attend the University of Westminster, ( a British University with a global focus and over 5,000 international students. They choose two level 5 or 6 course modules from over 700 offered. Full details can be found by visiting the University of Westminster’s website. Link:  Three of the Westminster’s four campuses are within walking distance from the EPA flats, and the Harrow campus is just a train ride away.

Summer Session

During the summer, all students take one class together on British Culture & Politics to satisfy UK Tier 4 Visa regulations. The class includes field trips to various locations, and students complete a project and presentation. Because of the visa regulations, all students must attend whether or not they seek credit for the course. Students intern 20 hours per week – just like during the spring and autumn semesters.


Dates & Fees

The price of the program includes: tuition and housing, internship placement and oversight, pre-departure and visa application materials, comprehensive on-site orientation, welcome and farewell dinners, on-site student support, and on-site program management. Grade reports and supervisor evaluations are also sent to schools upon completion of the term. The fees listed are for students directly enrolled with EPA. These fees do not include academic credit. The school granting the credit will charge an additional fee.

Academic credit, air trave ($1000+), visa fees ($500+), meals, and commuting cost are NOT INCLUDED in the program fees. Please budget $200-$300 per week for expenses depending on your lifestyle and the value of the US Dollar.


Please plan to arrive before noon on the first day of the program. This means that you will likely make reservations to depart from the US the day before. Accommodation is only provided from the start date to the end date of the program. Students who wish to arrive early or stay late must find their own accommodations.

(The UK Visa only allows students to arrive 7 days before the program begins and depart 7 days after the program ends.)
2017 Summer: Wednesday 7 June Until Saturday 29 July $7,750
2017 Fall: Sunday 17 September Until Saturday 16 December $18,500
2018 Spring: Sunday 14 January Until Saturday 19 May 2018 $19,700
Due to academic calendar changes and fluctuations in exchange rates, all dates and fees are subject to change, but will be set before the application deadline.

Scholarships and Aid

A variety of organizations and institutions provide scholarships and grants for study abroad from the United States. The following websites provide a good starting point for research on the many scholarship opportunities available.

London Details

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